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The Ultimate Sex Guide

Approved by YourWebDoc.com Life is made of many things that we either love or hate. All of us are busy trying to get as much as possible of the things we love and to avoid those we hate, Relationships, however, are among the rare things that are entirely up to us. Relationships can be wonderful or hateful. Itís the feeling between the partners, the experience and the chemistry that count. If you love the other and know enough about yourself and the world to avoid mistakes then youíll have a fine relationship. If you and your partner are also satisfied with each other in bed, then heaven is one step away.

Exploration is one of the keys to the kingdom of love. You have to know how to do it and how to time it. Donít leave it out of the relationship or it will go stale. Donít rush it either or pretty soon thereíll be nothing left to explore. Wanting to know your partner inside out is fine, but donít try to learn it all in the first three months. This is a process you can spread over a couple of years, leaving little secrets, sex positions, sex games and foreplay techniques for future discoveries and preparing surprises for your partner.

The same goes for sex

For some people, sex is the great catalyst that binds a relationship and makes it good. Itís the act that ends all fights and makes everything seem perfect for a while. For others, sex is a pleasant, but not overly so, pastime, a sort of bonus to the relationship. No chance of it being the main course here.

Regardless of what you want sex to be in the relationship, this act of physical pleasure should benefit from the passion to explore that we have discussed above. Many men and women who say sex is a modern obsession that should be given no more than its proper place in a relation have little idea of what sex could be. The combinations of moves and positions available for both foreplay and sex are practically unlimited and the pleasure of sustained exploration for things that could further enhance the experience for both partners is like buying a hot new car and finding a case full of money in the trunk.

However, we know that searching for tips and tricks and hints may be a difficult business. Many people donít have the time for this, especially in todayís busy world. A thorough knowledge of sexual techniques is ideal for men and women looking for the ultimate sensual experience and we could all use a guide or list of tips every once in a while.

Find Sex Guide

This is where we come in. We can recommend the ultimate sex guide: a compilation of positions, facts and hints designed to be your one-stop sex manual. They have a huge selection of content featuring hours of downloadable tutorial footage that will bring out the lover within you and put a smile on your partnerís lips. Imagine the old spark coming back to your life as you surprise your partner with a new move, a new position or a different approach.


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